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Recoating old polished timber floors Brisbane

Recoating old polished timber floors Brisbane by Non Toxic Floors Australia (NTFA) re-coating your old polished timber floors by using Enviro Floors (by COATIT) waterborne coating system will provide the most durable polyurethane floor finish/coating of any kind.
These finishes are low-yellowing, environmentally safe, and have no toxic fumes.
You won’t have to move out of your home during the refinishing process.
As long as you have other rooms to sleep in.
You can walk on your floors within hours of refinishing.
Moving back into the room within 24 hours taking care to lift all furniture back into place and then you can return to your lifestyle.
This Enviro Floors coating makes the timber a satiable carbon housing, so this could be in the future become a carbon credit.

Re-Coating old polished timber floors Brisbane is throughout the suburbs of Brisbane our Floor Sanding and Brisbane polished timber floors company Non Toxic Floors Australia (NTFA) has given one the most important design elements in your home or office today.
No matter what your lifestyle, hardwood timber flooring provides timeless beauty over the years, enhancing the décor of any room and adding value and comfort to your floor.
Your Brisbane floor sanding or polished timber floors company Non Toxic Floors Australia (NTFA) offers the warmth, beauty, and value of their timber floor coatings and our timber floor sander also repairs your timber floorboards for you.

Re-Coating old polished timber floors Brisbane will renovate has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling, and project safety.
We have the experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

Free Quotes

Free Quotes at your home or at a job site – Professional Guaranteed Tradesman doing your quote. Once the deposit has been paid your job is locked into that date you asked for.


High-quality on dust control, hard-wearing & Australian made coatings used, sanding, polishing, coatings, and repairs. We will restore your timber or wooden floor or deck to make them look brand new again.


Family Owned operated business for 47 Years. Trusted and highly recommended & a member of Australasian Timber Flooring Association, QLD QBCC licensed.
Referrals from our previous customers and our clients come back 3 or 4 times over.


We are confident in our experience and expertise and with that, we stand by all of our work. All jobs that are completed have a 5 years workmanship warranty.
Great advice for aftercare floor maintenance while using Australian made products.


Safety is number one and the priority in our business is to make sure all of our customers are safe & well. Customers are required to show proof of testing for lead in all paints that are on timber floors. Plus check for asbestos in all felt carpet underlays, old vinyl backings, and old vinyl tiles.


Safety is our number one priority. Every time we implement floor installation, restoration, maintenance or aftercare jobs, we always make sure everything that is involved in the process is secured, protected and safe.

      Save $$$$$$$ on removalists & storage.
      Small jobs are completed in 1 ½ days. Medium jobs are completed in 2 ½ Days. Large houses can be done in two parts by putting furniture into other rooms that will be done in the next stage or do the whole house in 3 ½ days.
      Stay in your home & no need for those expensive hotel costs for up to three nights or more with accommodation & meals costs.
      No moving out saving you $400 – $600 in Accommodation & Meals.
      Our state of art floor sanding machines have extreme dust extraction systems on them which means that the dust from our special sanding process will not spread the dust all over the walls in your lovely home.
      Our skilled professional tradesmen are working on your job with a qualified trained apprentice.
      The coating we use lasts a very long time in commercial and domestic situations. We can re-coat your floors as well so you don’t have to resand them for at least 15 years or more saving you $$$$$ & Time.
      Why would you use a business that gives you no Warranty at least we give you a Warranty on 5 years workmanship.
      After the last coat of our has been applied to your timber floor it takes about 4-5 hours to dry (longer on rainy & cold days) so then you can walk on your floor in socks or bare feet. See no need to move out of your home so you can sleep there. The furniture can be moved back within 24 to 48 hours.

Before Floor Sanding Photo

Before floor sanding off black glue in Redcliffe Non Toxic Floors Australia

After Floor Sanding Photo

After floor sanding off black glue in Redcliffe Non Toxic Floors Australia
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