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We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


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Non Toxic Floors Australia is a Brisbane based company with more than 47 years’ experience of timber floor sanding and timber floor polishing.
As a 3rd generation family-run business, we offer a full range of services relating to your timber floor, whether it be rooms in your family home, outside decking areas, meeting rooms or indoor sports hall. 

We undertake all types of indoor timber floor restoration, with floor sanding, coating, or recoating and we can restore your outside timber decking too with sanding, oiling, or recoating.
Our service extends to installing brand new timber floors, including parquet, and sanding and polishing timber staircases.

And for the sports halls, we offer a line marking service with a high degree of accuracy that meets international standards and conforms to widely accepted colour coding for each sport or court.

Timber floors are surging in popularity again due to affordability, sustainability and ease of care.
On top of that there is now a huge range of timbers, coatings and polishes that can be utilised offering styles and colours to meet the most discerning of tastes.

At NTFA our commitment is to create not only beautiful but healthy environments where you live, work and play.
To manage this, we do not use traditional solvent based polyurethane floor coatings which are widely known to contain and emit various toxic organic compounds.
The worst of these toxins is known as TDI and is recognised as a carcinogenic compound.
As an alternative we use water-based polyurethanes which have far lower levels of these chemicals and no TDI.
In fact, the coatings we use are safe to the extent that no respiratory equipment is required whilst it is being applied – full face respirators are the legal requirement when applying or sanding solvent-based coatings. 

This is not only healthier for you and your family but also much more convenient as you won’t have to vacate the premises whilst the coating is being applied – no hotel bills to consider – and because it is water based it will dry more quickly too!
You can typically walk on our non-toxic coating after as little as 6 hours.
Another benefit of our water-based coatings is that the clean-up operation can all be done with water – no cleaners like turpentine or white spirits are required. 

And unlike some floor coatings, the ones we use are manufactured in Australia to cope with the harshness of the Australian climate, offering superior surface wear characteristics.

We believe that timber flooring adds character to any home, but if it isn’t properly maintained, it can quickly become something you are ashamed of rather than proud of.
If you fit into this category, don’t worry; we have a range of solutions available to help out.
NTFA are renowned for timber floor restoration in Brisbane, involving timber floor sanding and polishing in Brisbane.
Of course, this may seem like a relatively straightforward service, but when it comes to floor sanding and polishing in Brisbane, you really should call in the experts.

Our friendly and helpful team will be happy to discuss the range of available options with you.
Naturally, it will depend on your floor’s condition and the look you wish to achieve, but our engineers may suggest timber floor recoating in Brisbane or timber floor sanding in Brisbane.
You can be confident that we will never recommend any work that isn’t required, whilst we will also be honest if we think you are making a false economy, or conversely, doing more than you need.

We are incredibly proud of our reputation, and we genuinely enjoy what we do, whether it is floor sanding in Brisbane, timber floor coating in Brisbane or even deck sanding in Brisbane.
We know that when you call upon our services, we will not only meet your expectations but surpass them.
As most of our new business comes from referrals, we can confidently say that you won’t be able to find anyone who can restore your timber floors in Brisbane to the same standard!

As the popularity of renewable and sustainable wooden floors continues to grow in Australia so does the need to restore, repair and maintain them.
A well-conditioned and polished hardwood floor can be the most striking feature of any room whereas a worn and faded floor can often make the whole room feel tired and dated.

At Non Toxic Floors Australia we specialise in bringing new life to those old worn wooden floors, and we do it in a way that is safe, convenient and affordable for you and your family.
Our services, available in and around Brisbane, includes timber floor re-coating, restoration, sanding and polishing and we can look after your timber stair cases, outdoor decking as well as all of your internal wooden floors.

Using water-based non-toxic polyurethane floor systems as we do, instead of more traditional applications that can emit toxins and unpleasant odours, reduces the potential impact on your health and the environment, and also significantly reduces drying time.
This results in much less likelihood of you having to vacate your home while the work on your floor is being carried out.

We offer a commitment to quality and value for all of our customers and can provide you with everything from a straightforward floor sanding service to a full timber floor coating or resealing service in North Brisbane or anywhere else in the city.

A good wooden floor is an asset that can last generations, it makes sense to take care of it, let us help you!

Restoring a tired old timber floor can affect a remarkable transformation in a room enhancing your living or workspace, often revealing a style and elegance that has been hidden for too long.
So, if you are considering breathing new life into your old timber floor, simply require re-coating or want to polish a shine back on your timber decks, why not choose NTFA, the healthy option?
Take a look at our handy Cost Calculator for a rough estimate or contact us directly for a more detailed quote.


Non Toxic Floors Australia is committed to creating healthy living environments when floor sanding by using natural sustainable timber floor coatings.
Non Toxic Floors Australia floor sanding specializes in using non-toxic products to protect you and your home whilst also reducing global warming.
No matter what your lifestyle is our non-toxic floor coatings provide timeless beauty over the years, enhancing the décor of any room by adding value and comfort to your timber floors.
Also, Non Toxic Floors Australia sanding and polishing company offers the warmth, beauty to your home.
Timber floors are ecologically friendly, affordable and easy to maintain.


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